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sea turtle swimming underwater pelorus foundation

In the Mesoamerican region lies the world’s second largest barrier reef system, stretching along the coast of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Here some of the last healthy populations of critically endangered coral remain, yet face the dangers of climate change, pollution and overfishing, a pervasive threat which affects more than 55% of the world’s reefs.

To ensure that coral reefs in Honduras are protected from overfishing, Pelorus Foundation plan to establish an Adaptive Reefscape along the Mesoamerican Reef. By working to ensure that key corals in Honduras have enough fish to support healthy ecosystems, we will be playing a crucial role in the protection of reefscapes.

For this project to succeed, Pelorus Foundation needs to raise £25,000. The money you donate will be a vital contribution towards ensuring that a designated patrol boat and trained personnel remain in the marine protected area for a year. Our partnership with CORAL and local communities was forged to ensure the planet’s biodiverse marine ecosystems thrive for generations to come.

scuba diver and coral reef person holding pink coral
cruising patrol boat coral reef fish shoal