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Megan Williams

Sustainability Manager 

Megan Williams, Marketing Assistant


Growing up between rural North Wales and the North of Scotland, conservation has always been at the forefront of Megs’ upbringing – whether helping with projects to plant native woodlands, improving the habitat for wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout, planting hedgerows or nurturing the British black honeybee. After spending time at a tiger reserve in India, Megs became fascinated in the role that community empowerment, education and involvement plays in successful conservation. Megs went on to study history and politics at Newcastle University followed by a master’s in journalism at Edinburgh Napier. Previous to joining the Pelorus Foundation, Megs was based in Kathmandu working for the United Nations in conflict resolution.

Within Pelorus Foundation, Megs offers range of initiatives, including strategies for emission reduction and removal, corporate social responsibility, B Corp certification, and active engagement in various conservation projects. Whether your company requires brief consultations or comprehensive support over several months, Megs helps businesses’ navigate, and thrive within, complex environmental and social landscape. In recognition of her hardwork and commitment to environmental and conservation action, Megs was listed as one of Walpole’s most influential people in British Luxury in 2024. 

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