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Make Unique Discoveries with Marine Scientists

With so little known about our underwater world, and many waters tricky to access, the use of yachts to reach undiscovered destinations is evolving. Through connecting marine scientists with private vessels, you too can hop onboard and take part in extraordinary marine research projects.

The Pelorus Foundation has partnered with organisations that will enable you to discover some of Africa’s most unexplored waters. From the Red Sea to Mozambique’s tropical waters, read on to discover how you can get involved.

Sudan and Eritrea

Positioning marine scientists on Pelorus yacht expeditions presents a unique system for the collection of vital data on our oceans’ health. What is more, this system would not be complete without your participation. You don’t need to be scientist, you simply need an appetite for adventure and discovery.

With just one similar project in existence in California, this research programme will be one-of-its-kind as Eritrea and Sudan’s southern atolls have never been surveyed or checked by a conservation group. For those who join the scientists on board, you will reap the extraordinary feeling of unearthing an unknown territory.

The paramount motivation for researching this destination stems back to how little we know. The purpose of the Sea Check system is to provide information on the health of the sea and all that it encompasses. From coral reefs to fish, seagrass to anthropogenic impacts, the system aims to take a broad look at the condition of this essential ecosystem. Once collected, the coastal data will be fed back to CORDIO and Seas4Life for analytics, and further shared to increase global and local awareness. For hands-on conservation, expanding your marine knowledge, and actively exploring our underwater world, this fascinating expedition provides all.

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Renowned as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean,’ Mozambique’s Bazaruto archipelago is breath-taking. With a diversity of both land and marine habitats, expect an abundance of pristine beaches, coastal sand dunes, mangrove forests and coral reefs. Excitingly, Bazaruto is also home to  globally recognised seagrass meadows where the largest population of dugong in the Western Indian Ocean reside.

The Reef Protector Marine Research project was established to collect ocean data and analyse research findings designed to protect marine habitats and their species. This process is essential for not only educational and research institutions, but to educate local communities and fishermen to co-exist with their environment.

However, the Pelorus Foundation and WIORI cannot achieve this alone. We are presenting a unique opportunity for you to board REEF PROTECTOR on a journey of discovery to Mozambique. Led by an oceanographic scientist, you will dive, snorkel and microlight over the coastline to spot feeding paths of dugong and pods of whales from the sky. These research findings will be used to for future conservation, biodiversity recovery and the ongoing protection of this underwater world.

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