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Pelorus Foundation 2023 Impact Report

In our latest Annual Impact Report, discover the ways in which we’ve supported the conservation of wildlife and wild places for future generations.

Throughout the year, we’ve focused on the people at the forefront of climate and conservation action, from fascinating individuals committing their lives to protecting the last wildernesses, to the movers and shakers disrupting traditional outlooks to find innovative solutions. Time and time again, we’ve seen defiance, a will to fight the current trajectory of our planet.

Whether outraged, sad, or quietly determined, Pelorus Foundation is driven by this undercurrent of change. Our mission is to harness it, to serve those driving it, to empower our network to become a catalyst for change and, in doing so, to maximise the impact we all have. There is strength in numbers, and we’re growing by the day thanks to your continued support. 

Have a read of our impact report below.