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Through your involvement with the Pelorus Foundation, you will discover the Red Sea, Sudan’s southern atolls and Eritrea’s uncharted waters. Together with CORDIO, we are pioneering a new Sea Check system to examine the ocean’s health, observe pelagic species and monitor human intervention on the biosphere. No project of this scope has ever been attempted in the region, particularly Eritrea, a country yet to be surveyed by a conservation group.

The practises created, tools used and data gathered will be the first in over a decade, becoming the foundation of an extensive ocean health monitoring system. The Pelorus Foundation requires your desire to get involved and explore – the project will not be possible without the support of yacht and diving enthusiasts. On an immersive expedition, you will capture first-of-its-kind data for CORDIO to analyse and raise international, regional and local awareness. Your active participation is fundamental towards sustaining and conserving vital marine ecosystems.

This ground-breaking concept would not have been established without the partnership between CORDIO, Seas4Life and the Pelorus Foundation.

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