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Your contributions from this event will fuel the life-saving efforts of Pelorus Foundation’s crucial work. We’re on a mission to safeguard our environment alongside African communities. Current projects in conjunction with our local partners include:

  • Safeguarding Namibia’s pangolins from brutal poaching for lucrative, illegal Asian trade. The pangolin, the world’s most trafficked mammal is now at risk of extinction. Already in 2023, we have helped ensure the rehabilitation back into the wild of 19 pangolins successfully rescued from poachers by local wildlife crime forces.

  • Empowering fearless African Field Rangers with specialised training in South Africa, Zambia and the DRC. Rangers stand as the last line of defence against ruthless poachers who spare no mercy for them or their families. To date, we have already helped train over 200 rangers working in some of the most challenging environments.

  • Preserving Kenya’s marine biodiversity, shielding endangered sea turtles, reviving coral life through innovative ocean gardening, and nurturing sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities. One key achievement this year has been the signing of a new community agreement for the ongoing safeguarding of the local marine protected area.

Please join hands with us for a better planet.