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flying tropical birds foundation


Pangolin Conservation and Research Foundation (PCRF) is working to protect the world’s most trafficked mammal across boundaries in Southern Africa. The grassroots organisation works to ensure a sustainable future for pangolin through conservation, research, collaboration. The aim is to empower local communities to protect pangolins through sustainable livelihoods, awareness, and education. Conservation efforts include active field research to inform policy and conservation guidelines – working to demystify pangolin’s behaviours and habitats to ensure effective rescue, rehabilitation, and release.


Based in Kuruwitu on the Kenyan Coast, Oceans Alive works to create and implement leading sustainable solutions to balance coastal communities with nature. The organisation takes a holistic outlook to a mounting issue – increasing population and poverty levels is putting seismic pressure on Kenya’s coastal regions. Oceans Alive took action to address the degradation of the ocean, coral bleaching and depleted fish stocks, which in turn, was drastically affecting subsistence fishermen and others who relied on the ocean for their survival. Established for over 20 years, Oceans Alive have established the first community led marine protected area, inspiring a ripple effect along the Kenyan coast among other communities.

CORDIO (Coastal Oceans Research and Development – Indian Ocean) is a research and conservation organisation that focuses on marine and coastal ecosystems in the western Indian Ocean, specialising in generating knowledge to create solutions that benefit ecosystems and people, with a focus on coral reefs and associated habitats.

The organisation works on a range of topics including climate change, long term monitoring, artisanal fisheries, community based management approaches mitigating climate change impacts and endangered species protection.

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On a mission to save the world’s coral reefs is the Coral Reef Alliance, an environmental NGO taking a multipronged approach to restoring and protecting reefs across the globe. Through pioneering a new area of science, CORAL has become a highly-trusted partner within the conservation community.

A human admiration for their underwater environment initiated the beginning of CORAL. Through mitigating direct threats, CORAL is enhancing the capability of reefs to withstand effects of climate change, thus ensuring that corals thrive for generations to come.

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Frontier Collective plays a crucial role in the prevention of wildlife crime across Africa. Operating in a complex and sensitive sector, the non-profit organisation delivers sustainable solutions in vulnerable areas across the continent. Through assisting individuals and organisations, Frontier works in partnership with local stakeholders to support conservation initiatives, save endangered species and protect wild spaces.

The West Indian Ocean Research Initiative (WIORI) was formed to understand and protect the marine species which reside on Mozambique’s eastern coast. Focusing on the collection of marine research data, WIORI builds a framework to minimise threats and ensure the efficacy of conservation programmes.

The ongoing research project provides essential data to educational and research institutions, whilst encourages local communities and fishermen to protect and live in harmony with their surrounding environment.  

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Seas4Life is an organisation dedicated to enhancing a global understanding of our planet’s oceans and seas. Through marine exploration and scientific research, Seas4Life has uncovered links between human and marine ecosystems, whilst provides sustainability advice to organisations that will make a positive impact on the world.

Predominantly in Africa, Seas4Life has explored marine ecosystems with the aim to reduce the negative impact on ocean resources. Amongst other fields, they provide professional expertise on monitoring coral reef fish, protecting sea turtles and establishing marine protected areas.