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The Organisation improving Human-Wildlife conflict with Science

Wild Entrust combines critical conservation research, environmental education, and community development into a powerful force against the challenges facing wildlife and their habitats.

They are making a difference in Wildlife Conservation, specifically for apex predators and their environments, ensuring their survival for generations to come. Their innovative projects develop sustainable strategies to protect natural habitats, benefiting both wildlife and local communities. By training and mentoring community members in Botswana, they are cultivating a new generation of skilled conservationists and wildlife guardians. 

Easing Human-Wildlife Conflict through science

Wild Entrust Africa is a dynamic conservation organisation dedicated to the sustainable management of human-wildlife conflict, particularly with predators like African wild dogs.

Wild Entrust operates a laboratory with 15 years of experience, focusing on logistics, vehicle operations, and camera traps. Their research primarily addresses human-predator co-existence and has led to one of Botswana’s most extensive species population databases. They are currently studying scent marking to understand animal communication through chemistry, with insights into boundary creation by African wild dogs. Successful outcomes include managing free-roaming leopards on farmland among other initiatives.

They are currently planning to expand into plant-based chemistry for elephant repellents to enhance co-existence with local communities, known as bio-boundaries.

The Bioboundary Project is their pioneering method for reducing human-wildlife conflicts. It involves the use of chemical repellents that mimic territorial markings of large predators to deter them from entering areas with livestock, offering a sustainable solution to balance conservation and community needs.

Wild Entrust Africa places a strong emphasis on research and data-driven decision-making. The organisation conducts extensive scientific research to understand wildlife populations, their behaviours, and the challenges they face. This research informs their conservation strategies, ensuring that they are effective and adaptable to changing environmental conditions. By collaborating with academic institutions and research organisations, Wild Entrust Africa contributes valuable insights to the global conservation community.

In addition to these efforts, Wild Entrust Africa actively participates in policy advocacy, working with governments and international bodies to promote conservation-friendly policies and practices. Their advocacy work aims to create a favorable legislative environment that supports wildlife conservation and sustainable development.

Wild Entrust Africa’s work has had a significant impact on the ground. Through their comprehensive approach, combining conservation, community involvement, research, educaton, and advocacy, they are not only preserving Africa’s wildlife but also enhancing the livelihoods of the communities that depend on these natural resources. Their efforts serve as a guiding method for effective, inclusive, and sustainable conservation practices on the African continent.

“As the evidence builds up, there is no escaping the conclusion that pessimism was unjustified. We can develop repellents based on chemical signals to protect both predators and livestock”

Dr. Peter Apps, Wild Entrust Africa